BSG Razor, saw it this morning

I just watched it, and I thought it was good. I’m pretty sure that it was always written not as a bridge but to placate fans in between the long season breaks. And I personally don’t care too much that it had very little to say directly about the action in the series.

I really liked the wartime imagery focus on WWII rather than Iraq and Afghanistan. It was a nice break that kept the action totally ramped up, which I think is the strong point of that show. Did anyone else notice the WWII visual metaphors? Pearl Harbor, the “just following orders” mentality, Kamikaze Cylon ships, small force attack/rescue missions, Mengele-like experimentation and the like? It definately made the war elements of the show much more dire, as it invoked the end-of-life-as-we-know-it Nazi threat instead of the attack-as-funds-are-available al Queda threat. And considering this show’s facility with that kind of imagery, that really is saying something.

As for Kendra being a Cylon, I really hope not. That would totally undo all the gravitas her character accumulated in dealing with her guilt. If its revealed that she is a Cylon, then everything she went through means nothing, as all she was doing was killing things that she is not, and apparently only shares a dim and stolen genetic heritage with. Revealing her as a Cylon later on would basically be taking her entire character back to zero, which would be really confusing as the end of the show is probably going to have enough loose ends to wrap up. Besides, we all already have a hope for who the last Cylon is, and making it a character nobody has seen before would really piss some fans off.

I also thought the throwback Cylons were pretty cool. “By your command,” indeed!

Oh yea. I almost forgot. Did I really need to be reminded in the ad breaks, twice no less, that there were a coupla’ lesbians on board? Gee, thanks for the update Quiznos. I think I got it the first time I saw it. Honestly now….did anyone else record it? Go back and look at the first Quiznos Moment where they remind us that Six is gettin jiggy with captain deathmonger. They give it to us like a secret whispered between 13-year old boys.

Overall, it was a win for the show.  And it certainly quenched any and all frustrated desires I have for the regular seasons to come back.  Plus, its gonna get those producers more money, and they certainly deserve it and all the other measures of success we can heap upon them, and hopefully encourage more intelligent and worthy SF programs.

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  1. Tleilax Master B says:

    I liked it too, although i felt like it dragged a little at times. I loved the lesbo action actually, it made the previous epsidodes where the six was getting beaten and raped, then eventually went and popped a cap in admiral angry bitch’s ass make a heck of a lot more sense. Even letting the nuke off at Cloud 9 made more sense. All in all, it was a nice snack before the season starts.

    I must say, however, that I am starting to get a little bit tired of the “revelations” that Adama is in the middle of all this shit from the start. Basically, he went past the neutral zone (or whatever the hell it was called) and start the whole damn cyclon war, and now we find that he actually observed the original experiments on humans the cyclons were doing. What’s next? Are we going to find out the appearances of the cyclons were past dates in college and the dope dealers that live in the dorm next door? Let’s not over do it with the early Adama involvment IMHO………

  2. omphalos says:

    Norma, Adama. What’s the differene?

  3. omphalos says:

    I really wish that they would make more TV-SF like this though.

  4. Tleilax Master B says:

    Me too. There hasn’t been anything I’ve really enjoyed like this in a long time. I like the fact it is targeted at adults also.

  5. omphalos says:

    Do you like to watch Lost, B? That is the only other genre show that I never miss that airs on TV now. I’m not much of a TV watcher, though. Those two and a third called Life are the only three I ever watch, and unless a Sharks game is on, I usually let the wife and kids have the TV set.

  6. Tleilax Master B says:

    I’ve never watched Lost, but a number of my friends have recommended it. Truth is, I mostly watch sports on TV or don’t watch it much at all. I’ve never really enjoyed many of the prime time shows on the networks, with the possible exception of the Xfiles, which I liked.

  7. omphalos says:

    I usually dont turn the thing on (though my kids try to keep it on all the time). I watch the UFC fights and my Sharks, and that and those shows is about it. A few years there were a bunch of new SF shows like Surface, and that alien invasion one in the Fla Everglades. I watched those too, but now the tides seem to have turned again and most SF on TV sucks. Too bad.

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